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First introduced in 2005, Holistic Notes has stood the test of time. Its elegant, easy to learn – easy to use, interface is
the result of a lot of behind the scenes work to turn complexities into simplicities. What began as an idea to produce
a professional looking patient take home Supplement Schedule grew to a web based program, with HIPAA certified
servers, government grade backups, bank grade encryption, website support, video and written support materials.


Each office visit is easily documented capturing the area, system or reflex tested as well recommended products, and specific instructions for each patient. The program highlights when each supplement was first prescribed, for accurate
and effective patient management. A major benefit of Holistic Notes is the patient take home Supplement Schedule.
With a couple clicks of the mouse, the patient’s Supplement Schedule is extracted from the office visit notes and printed.


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“It is my hope that this program will make it easier for you to help more people live better naturally. Working together we can make a better world.”

Robert Baritz, DC, CCWFN


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